Couples' Counselling

All relationships go through difficult times but it is how we manage those times that makes the difference between staying together and parting. If any of the below situations sound familiar then Couples’ Counselling (also known as Marriage Counselling or Relationship Counselling) can help you achieve a positive outcome and restore the missing link in your relationship.

Couples’ Relationship Counselling will help both of you to understand the nature of your problems. We will improve your communication skills and find effective ways of discussing and dealing with your difficulties and differences.

By understanding why you are struggling it is often possible to produce a more positive outcome or at least a more amicable ending.

What if my partner doesn't want to come with me?

Ideally a couple should come to counselling together but, if your partner refuses, I can still help you to improve the situation on your own. We will take time to sort through your feelings and this will help you to make a positive impact on your relationship and communication. This could result in your partner wanting to join you further down the line.

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