Sandplay and Symbol Work

By arranging small toys in a sand tray children, adolescents and adults are able to unlock their subconscious and reveal hidden problems.

A sand tray full of sand beckons to us to be touched and shaped. As we play by placing the figurines in the sand and heaping it into hills and valleys we begin to feel better and understand ourselves as we share what we are doing with the counsellor. These tiny toys can represent members of our family, friends or just parts of ourselves – something inside us resonates with them as we begin to reveal a story. Children, in particular, love sandplay because it is hands-on and highly effective in helping with emotions and difficult behaviours.

Parents can watch as the child begins to express his or her unconscious and gentle questions are encouraged as the child plays and everyone is given a photograph of their artwork so that we can keep an eye on their progress as they begin to feel better.

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