Marriage Counselling

My husband and I had separated for a couple of months, after a difficult couple of years, but had got back together to give it another try. We had recognised we had differences and resolved to try and overcome them.

My husband initially went to see Imogen to deal with issues of confidence, but it soon became apparent that we would both benefit from counselling to help try and make our relationship work. Whilst we had identified we did have differences and issues, we were not actually aware of how to deal with them and - despite best efforts and intentions - the relationship had begun to break down again. We felt a split was inevitable as we both felt we had tried everything we could to make it work

Imogen's intervention at this point was invaluable. She was able to help us identify our pre-programmed behaviours and responses which helped us to see why we both reacted in the ways that we did. Essentially, we began to understand both ourselves and each other more and this understanding led to better communication. In essence we began to understand and speak each other's language. With this new understanding we were able to tackle our fundamental problems, which in turn means we are able to deal with life's other issues much more effectively.

For me personally, Imogen's experience, advice about relationships, reassurance and affirmation helped me worked through all of the confusion and muddle that had built up over the years, and I have been able to put doubts behind me and move on with the relationship. I would imagine most couples go through hard times and sometimes breaking up is easier than trying to work through things, but with Imogen's help we have been to identify the real problems and deal with them effectively - and a lot quicker and easier than I could have ever imagined!

We're now looking forward to a long and happy life together, and have the understanding to (hopefully!) deal with any issues as they arise - safe in the knowledge that Imogen is not too far away should we need her sounds advice at any time.

If you are having relationship issues I would strongly recommend getting in touch with her - it really could be the difference between the end or a new beginning.


Personal Counselling

Last year I was, probably, at the lowest ebb I have ever experienced in my life, and I needed help, and needed it fast. I searched the internet to find it, in much the same way as you are doing now. To me the most important thing was to find, not only a certified professional, but someone that I felt I could talk to about everything and anything, and trust them completely, a daunting prospect I know... The picture helped, but during the initial contact phone call, and yes I hung up the phone several times before letting it be answered, I found myself feeling quite safe and I made that first, most difficult appointment. Difficult because I was admitting to myself that I couldn't cope anymore, being a failure and needing a strangers help, a big admission yes, but that acceptance was the single biggest step in moving forward, and I was never judged.

My time with Imogen has with her tact, skill and dedication to me and my problems and issues, shown me many things, given me the tools to untangle the web of confusion, hurt and doubt that filled my every waking hour, gave me strength where I felt there was none, opened my eyes to a future, when I really didn't care if there was one, and most importantly put me on a journey of self discovery, allowing me to find who I am, to move forward with a confidence, energy and self esteem that I never thought I would ever feel again. We all want a pill to take away our pain; I tried them they just anesthetised my emotions, sometimes the fix has to come from within.

I will not say that the journey was always easy, I confronted difficult and personal issues, but was never embarrassed, made to feel inadequate or a failure. I never felt trapped by therapy there was no course to be booked, I didn't feel pressured, I came and went as I felt necessary, though advice was always given. Imogen was always there for me, when my life felt like it was all slipping away. Then, when I got to the stage that I regained my emotional strength, focus and will to live this life, it was Imogen who suggested that there was little else she could do for me (so no mercenary strategies here), but I know that should I ever need any help, or advice, Imogen is only ever a phone call away.

So, to whoever you are, reading this now, you've already made that first admission to yourself and started the journey, if you want a great guide and companion on that journey to show you the way to wherever you need, or want to be, I whole heartedly recommend Imogen Ellis-Jones to you...and I wish you well.


Hypnotherapy for Breast Feeding

Hi Imogen,
I came to see you about 4 months ago to try and help me with breastfeeding. I just wanted to let you know that my son Jack is now 3 months old and breastfeeding has been a huge success I am absolutely loving it!!

I have not once had any thoughts about giving up (even when had thrush and mastitis). Thank you so much for giving me this wonderful gift, especially as Jack will be my last baby, it is so nice to have this experience.



The second thing I wanted to say was to feed back to you about how I've been since I finished my sessions with you and to say thank you again - I am a different person since coming to see you, I no longer worry about the thoughts that I once had and occasionally if one does pop into my head I deal with it in such a different way, you have made such a difference to how I feel about myself and about my life. Mine and J's relationship has improved so much too, in fact, so much so that we are now expecting a baby in February, something which I would never have been ready for if I hadn't had your help in sorting out my head!!!

So a big THANK YOU again for all your help!!!


Weight Loss

Thanks to talking to you and the hypnosis I have lost 3 and a half stone so far this year and aim to do at least another 2, my BMI starting was 37 and is now just over 30. If you had said to me last year that I could lose that much I would have laughed at you but it just seems so easy now it's bizarre, sometimes I go back to the 'easy' fat path and challenging 'happy' path when I have a bad moment but they are, luckily, infrequent.

CS, Surrey

Confidence and Weight Loss

Imogen I just had to write to you and let you know how I am getting on and to thank you so much for getting me back on track... I have moved on so much in the last couple of months, in fact, more than ever and when I sit and look at me now compared to the Clare that came to see you initially, I often think 'wow thank you Imogen' as I would never have acted/thought like that a few years back... I feel like the new Clare has finally blossomed... I'm not the 'old' Clare anymore.... I've moved on. I've now lost a stone in weight and feel the confidence growing daily... I don' t want to blend into the background anymore

My boyfriend and I are now getting on so well and for the first time are openly talking about having a baby... we have never done that before Imogen... its always been a taboo subject.... I know at my age it might never happen but at least we can now try. If it turns out that we can't have children then at least I can look back and be happy knowing that we tried and didn't succeed rather than not trying at all... So I think the reason more than anything for my email is to thank you Imogen for all that you have done for me, I really do appreicate everything, I really do...Take care



Fate drew me to Imogen following my wife passing on aged just 48. Over the course of a year her insight and gentleness helped me to gain a perspective and clarity on the past, present and future, that has helped me to move on and live a fulfilled life.


Giving up Smoking

I tried everything to give up smoking – gum, patches, vaping – without any success. Within one week of working with Imogen, however, I can safely say that cigarettes are absolutely a thing of the past.


Panic Attacks

Imogen discovered the roots of my panic attacks through unhurried and empathic talking and discussion. Using hypnosis in order to fully understand the cause I now have nothing to fear from these debilitating attacks.


Telephone in confidence 01252 726450

Please note: If you have difficulty meeting the cost of treatment this can be discussed. It is my policy that people who need therapy are not denied it on the grounds of cost and therefore may arrange to pay according to their means. In the case of cancellation or failure to attend an appointment a fee will be charged. Time booked must be paid for and this is necessary because it is often hard to fill slots at short notice. Thank you for your understanding and observation of this notice.