Stopping Smoking

Most of us are well aware of the dangers and unpleasant side-effects of smoking, but may struggle to give up on our own. With a detailed assessment of your individual concerns and difficulties followed by a tailor-made hypnotherapy session, you can become a happy and healthy non-smoker for the rest of your life.

Step One - Assessment

Stopping smoking can be made difficult when one or more key aspects of smoking are inadequately addressed. In the assessment session, we will discuss any issues surrounding quitting that you may be particularly worried about i.e. relapse prevention, weight gain, being around other smokers, irritability, etc, and therefore be able to address these specifically.

Step Two - Hypnotherapy

Everyone is different and so this session will be tailor-made for your own particular smoking habit. Hypnosis maximises your inner resources enabling you to ‘kick the habit’. In this single intensive session, you can transition into a healthy, happy non-smoker from that day onwards.

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